The institute supports alternative energy, fuel, and materials production through the use of biomass conversion strategies that are environmentally and economically sustainable.


The Bioenergy Systems Research Institute encourages and facilitates: (a) integrative, collaborative basic and applied research projects in bioenergy that recognize the entire lifecycle and environmental impact of biomass production, harvesting, transport, treatment, conversion, and recycling; (b) education and training of the next generation of scientists and engineers that will form the 21st century workforce in the alternative energy field; (c) outreach and communication activities to involve our public and private stakeholders in the development and dissemination of next-generation bioenergy technologies.

Executive Committee

Name Term of Service
Michael Adams 2013–2015
Ryan Adolphson Ex officio
Parastoo Azadi 2014-2016
Alan Darvill Ex officio
Dan Geller Ex officio
Terry Hastings Ex officio
William Hubbard 2013–2014
Debra Mohnen Ex officio
Jason Locklin 2014-2016
Robert Scott Ex officio
Chung-Jui Tsai 2012–2014

Outreach Committee

Name Term of Service
Magdy Alabady 2014–2016
Parastoo Azadi 2013–2015
Puneet Dwivedi 2014–2016
Dan Geller 2011–2014
William Hubbard 2013–2015
Thomas Lawrence 2013–2015
Campbell Joseph Nairn 2014–2016
Susan Reinhardt 2011–2014
Will York 2011–2014

Program Committee

Name Term of Service
K.C. Das 2014–2016
Terry Hastings 2014–2016
Sarah Hitchner 2014–2016
Jason Locklin 2014–2016
Sudhagar Mani 2013–2015
Sergiy Minko 2014–2016
Debra Mohnen 2013–2015
Suraj Sharma 2013–2015
Yajun Yan 2011–2014

† Committee Chair